Meeting Needs

At  HELPOURPEOPLEEXCELNow Ministries, we strive to meet the four needs that every human being has: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.Physical needs include preventing and ending homelessness. Providing training and access to sustainable healthy lifestyles.Emotional needs include encouragement, relationship building and mending, and counseling. Mental needs include education and literacy, job training, and financial planning. Spiritual needs include understanding that there is a God of the universe who loves us, and also sharing about and showing that love to all people. The spirit of community is essential to the overall mission. We also understand that we are incapable of meeting all these needs without the help and example of Jesus Christ. Our ministry is centered around Christ, and is for the glory of Christ.


Close your eyes and try to Imagen what it would be like for YOU, to be homeless with no family or resources, not even a car. Now imagine you are responsible for a 2 year old. You have no papers or proof of you are. You haven't eaten in 4 days and the baby is crying from being wet, cold and hungry. What do you think would be YOUR biggest challenge? Where to sleep? How to get your next meal? How would you stay safe from harm? How could you stay healthy?  What if DHS takes my child? So, if you had such challenges and no resources,  how would you make a better life for yourself? Seeing this kind of story and need right here, right now, in this neighborhood everyday, I want to share the direction God is leading Hope Now from this day forward.. We will open our first Christ centered emergency/transitional house when and where God plants us! “Homeless to Housing” is our goal. This seams like a very lofty goal but we have the faith that God will provide. We need your help! Together we can get folks to that next step. Without a place to lay your head, hang your cloths, shower and feel safe, would you have hope? Join us today by,

“Helping Our People Excel” NOW!      John Bentley


Clackamas County has the highest per-capita homelessness rate in the Greater Portland area at 72 homeless individuals per 10,000 residents.  We exist to help provide disenfranchised individuals with basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, etc.  Not only that, but we strive to promote long-term wellness in these individuals physically and spiritually. 

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